Be Kind to Yourself

Truth cannot be twisted and still be called truth. Any tweak of the truth makes it a lie. This includes half-truths we tell ourselves.

Pretending we’re okay when we aren’t is not being kind to ourselves.

Would you tell our best friend he/she was fine when you know they aren’t? Of course not. You would talk with them, be kind to them, and encourage them to be truthful with you so you could help them.

We should treat ourselves the same way. Listen to yourself and your body. Are you tired? Rest. Is there some need within you not being met? Recognize it and find the healthiest way to fill that need. Are you struggling and can’t see an end in sight? Seek outside help.

Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself. There’s only one you and the world needs you at your best. You can’t be your best without being truthful with yourself. Be your own best friend. You are loved, sweet readers.

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