Writing Our Stories

It starts with a blank piece of paper. Then a person’s story begins.

Everybody’s journey, adventures, and lessons are different and unique to them. How the page is filled is not up to anyone else. God is the author and that individual is the co-author of their own story. Each person can let God direct the journey or can take the pen and write it themselves. No one is ever too far from the story God planned. At any point, the pen can be given back to God.

How God redirects and guides others in their journeys is not for us to decide. We are not the co-author of anyone else’s story, only our own. Can you imagine what our stories would look like if we let God write the entire time? But we don’t. So our lessons are hard, because life is naturally difficult. But beauty can still come.

I remember writing chapters without God. It was a dark, perilous, and lonely journey. The Light now makes my story worth reading. I’m sure people judged me at points in my life and thought I was a lost cause. But God still was there, guiding my story and when I finally handed him the pen, how wonderful my adventures became.

Our stories are not our own; they are only chapters in a much bigger story that weaves us all together in a grand tale of love, loss, sacrifice, and redemption. One day we will be able to read the entire book and marvel at the Author of it all.

Until then keeping writing and trusting God enough to hand him the pen. What he creates is far more marvelous than what we can do on our own.

6 thoughts on “Writing Our Stories”

  1. Love it and you, granddaughter. You know how Granny feels about God being in control of every aspect of our lives. love and prayers

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