Self-care is Not Selfish

Since my hysterectomy, I have been trying harder to be more in tune with what I need. I am not near 100% yet, and have been frustrated that I’m not nearly as healed as what others have told me I would be. Then I realized, I’m not treating myself fairly. I have to set aside expectations and deal with the reality of my circumstances. I acknowledged this weekend that I was tired. I did a load of laundry and started the dishwasher, but then I actually rested.

Usually I feel guilty for taking this time to veg out; however, this time I was aware of what I needed and agreed to let myself slow down. I read a book, thumbed through magazines, played a couple of games on my phone, and even took a nap. It has been wonderful.

My baby girl Ellie Mae shows me what real rest looks like. (Ignore the chair. It belongs to the furbabies.)

There are voices in the world that will try to control you. They will tell you that pain is weakness. To keep pushing yourself whether you feel ready or not. They’ll lead you to believe that if you’re not going 1000 miles an hour 100% of the time, then you’re not successful. They’ll convince you if you take time for yourself instead of putting everything else first, then you’re selfish. Don’t listen to the voices.

Listen to your body. Are you hurting? Sick? Tired? Assess your mental health. Are you burned out? Depressed? Exhausted? Then stop. Taking care of yourself is vital. No one else will do it for you. Be kind to yourself. Seek healthiness and wholeness. Rest and rejuvenate when needed. Don’t be pushed around by other’s expectations for your life. Stay true to your own mind, body, and spirit. Only after you have taken care of yourself will you then be able to tend to others.

Stay well, my friends. ♥️

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