God or Humanity

We often say, “You’ve made your own bed. Now, you have to lie in.”

We are told God saves and forgives, yet God also gives us free will. So, we must suffer the consequences of our actions here on earth. Justice will prevail.

We are also told God will be responsible for the end of the earth. Revelation. The rapture. Kingdom come.

But God hasn’t made the wars, the divisiveness, and the hate. God hasn’t been the one to rule with greed, power, and selfishness. God isn’t the one destroying our home planet we were charged to care for. All of this is on us.

When it ends for us, it won’t be God’s fault. It will be the decisions of humans, the lack of truth-seeking, the rise of our own agendas, our attitudes of apathy and ambivalence.

We are the most dangerous animal on the planet. We cause destruction and pain for our own gain.

Don’t fool yourselves, the world will keep turning long after we’re gone. We are causing our own demise and extinction. After we’re gone, the earth will thrive without the toxicity of humankind.

We still have time to make changes, save our home, and better the world. But time is drawing near. Soon, there will be no way of going back.

Open your eyes, Humans. Break out of political and religious agendas. Learn the truth by educating yourselves instead of being spoon-fed information by those who view us as puppets and pawns. Take action. Before it’s too late.

Long live planet Earth. She will continue to change and grow and evolve.

As of this moment, I cannot say the same for humanity.

I try to remain hopeful for a collective change. Considering our history, I won’t hold my breath.

Photo by Mike Newbry on Unsplash

Educate Yourself:

Is it too Late to Prevent Climate Change? – NASA

The World is Perilously Close to Irreversible Climate Change – Phys.org

Science Reveals Last Paths to Stop Irreversible Planetary Damage – EIT Climate-KIC

Photo by Chris Gallagher on Unsplash

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