Rekindling the Creative Fire

Just to give you a bit of an update, I’ve had some physical problems for the past year and a half now. Last week I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy (total hysterectomy, which has been harder on me than I expected) and hopefully these problems are now resolved. Because of these health problems, the depressive side of my bipolar disorder started whooping my tail, and I have since begun taking lamictal to stabilize my moods. Due to all of these issues plus working a day job, I have not written anything for publication since January. I miss it fiercely.

During this time off from work to rest and heal, I plan to seek out new assignments and get my freelance feature writing career back on track. For a moment in late winter/early spring I thought that I might give it up entirely, but I have realized how much I enjoy talking with people and sharing their stories with the world. If I can help combat negative forces through spreading positive outcomes, then what a difference my words could make. I already have a few ideas rolling around in my head for upcoming articles.

I also have a children’s book completed that needs a home. Seeking a publisher while writing its sequel is part of the plan as well. My young adult fiction book is also waiting patiently to be finished. Not to mention the other ideas for books begging to be brought to life. It’s almost enough to drive me crazy. But then I remind myself of my new mantra: one day at a time.

Each day has 24 hours in it. It’s up to me to utilize those hours for what needs to be done. I feel that fire within me beginning to rekindle. I am only content when I am creating and the time to move forward is now. I am giddy with anticipation over what’s to come.

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