Talk About Mental Health

I’m amazed at the stigma that still surrounds mental health issues and mental illness.

If we stopped acting as if we’re supposed to have it together 100% of the time, things might begin to change.

If we were real with each about our struggles, we would be relieved to know we aren’t alone.

If we were willing to listen with compassion, more people would be more likely to say “Hey, I’m not okay. I need help.”

We fear judgement.

We fear lack of acceptance.

We fear being branded as crazy, weak, or unstable.

Too many suffer in silence.

We’ve got to end the stigma. We’ve got to talk about mental health.

2 thoughts on “Talk About Mental Health”

  1. Why don’t you start a posts that asks “Have you ever thought about committing suicide? What stopped you?” That would get a conversation going that would let people see they are not alone. I remember the only time I ever stood up in a church and told folks about how bad my anger was. I couldn’t believe how many guys came up at the end to talk with me and to thank me because they thought they were alone. People don’t talk about some of their struggles because they are illegal. There are consequences to some of our issues that cause them to remain buried.

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    1. That’s a good idea. I have a lot I’m wanting to do with this blog that I haven’t gotten to yet. The freelance gig is getting most of my attention these days. I’ll get there though.


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