Grief, Gardens, and Healing

It only stands to reason when you have as many furbabies as we do, a pet cemetery is inevitable. (Hopefully not the kind that Stephen King created. Ha! 😳 seriously though)

I didn’t want this place to be filled with sadness and gravestones. Instead, I have turned it into a place of flowers, beauty, and sweet memories.

Focusing on the sadness of loss would keep me in a place of despair. Shifting that perspective to one of appreciation for having them in my life helps me to find the light in the loss.

Grief certainly has a place, and healing is definitely not a linear process. I still very much miss my babies. Queenie died right after the loss of both grandmothers & shredded my heart. I know mourning is complicated. I also know I don’t have to remain in darkness for the remainder of my time here.

If you’re in a place of darkness, where your hurt feels suffocating and you can see no way of it ever being better, please, please reach out to someone who can help. A friend, a family member, a therapist or counselor. Don’t struggle alone. Don’t give up.

Healing and brighter days are still possible. It doesn’t dishonor your loved one’s memory to feel joy again. Instead, you’re creating a beautiful garden by living out loud, loving deeply, and sharing their light mixed with your own.

Sending love, light, and peace to you today. ❤☀️✌

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